Thursday, July 7, 2011

Holy Hatred Batman!

The talk of the week is the Casey Anthony trail. Of course. The whole country was gathering around together in hopes to see justice served for little Calyee Anthony. We all wanted something for this little girl who had to suffer.

America was dumbfounded when the verdict was read. She wasn't found guilty in child abuse or murdering her child. While she stood there smiling and crying, we got angry. VERY angry. I do share in the anger but feel that Karma has strange ways of working itself out. I took off my anger goggles this morning and I began to understand where the jury was coming from. There was doubt. The justice system didn't fail little Calyee the Prosecution did.

All of my online outlets are filled with hatred towards Casey, her family, the defense, and the jury. I see people joking about driving to FL to take her out, people saying she's going to get it, and posts filled with nothing but hateful names. It sickens me to see so much hatred. The only thing positive I've seen come of this is a petition to create Caylee's Law ( and those posts are being buried by the hate filled posts. Lets take all the time and energy we're taking to hate and put it towards something more productive or worth while. We'll be moving mountains!

Its easy to become blind and filled with rage when we are angry. Its easy to pull nasty names out of our back pockets. Its easy to join in on the bashing. Its easy to get sucked into the hating. I'm guilty of it. We're all guilty of it. I know we're angry, pissed off and upset.  Lets turn off the hate and turn up the love for our own children and other people who deserve it. Focus our anger productively and fight to prevent future cases like these. Just know that Casey and her family will have to deal with whatever happened in her own time. Sometimes taking the high road is much harder than taking the low road. Get your hiking boots out and start the up hill climb society.


  1. Yup. I'm with you - let's turn off the hate and focus on something productive. I'll be checking out the petition. Thanks for your voice of reason.

  2. Anytime. I admit I was feeling pretty angry and upset. Sometimes we need to feel those emotions to process our feelings. This morning I just kept thinking, "If you don't have anything nice to say... don't say it at all".

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Very well written Amanda. It's a sad situation. So glad to see this point of view. Do you mind if I share this?

  4. Go for it! Not a problem! Share away!

  5. very nice post, we will accomplish nothing with hatred or the thought of killing. We do need to fix our system of how prosecution can do what they do. We would be no better off in our thoughts if we just keeping hating and didn't change that part of us that creates a system like we have today. Your words are well spoken.