Monday, July 25, 2011

Big Glass of Wine?

Occasionally my Facebook friends will see that my status is talking about enjoying myself a big glass of wine at the end of the evening. I'm not partial to just wine. I like an ice cold beer, Disaronno on the rocks, Jack and Ginger or a good Gin and Tonic. BUT most nights (not all nights) I have myself a glass of wine.

My glass of wine is well deserved (not that I think I DESERVE to drink) because my day is full of being an employee, then mom and wife and then housekeeper. Once work is done, toddler is in bed, and house is clean... its time for me. The glass of wine helps me relax and still my thoughts. With my thoughts being still, I can get out of my own way and see what is in front of me. A piece of Lindt Spicy Dark Chocolate really helps when I've had a REALLY challenging day.

Every mom deserves SOMETHING that helps them relax at the end of the day. Mine happens to be wine. Whats yours?


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