Friday, July 22, 2011

Keeping it Cool in this Hot Mess

Welp it's mid-summer... we're experiencing the the three H's of Maryland. Hazy, Hot and Humid. It gets dangerously hot and we go crazy.
Today was a heat index of 115 and tomorrow should be the same. Depressing right? Our AC's can barely keep up, some of signed up for BGE's Peak Rewards and you're AC is being cycled off to conserve energy, and some don't even have working AC's! Yes, it's hot! Yes, we're grouchy! Yes, there's nothing we can do about it!

I just wanted to share some pics to cool you off...
The Blizzardsarus from Jan 2010!
Yep... we're not getting into the shed anytime soon...
Kevin off to shovel AGAIN... I wasn't cleared for heaving lifting yet.
He's part Husky!
Yep.... we're not using that door!

So see... things could be much worse! It could be bitter cold! The power could be knocked out because of wind and heavy snow... you could be FREEZING in you're own home! My solution to this hot mess weather is drink some cold beer, keep up on eating snow balls and relax... at least your grass is dieing and it doesn't need to be cut! I would much rather drive around in the heat than icy roads!!

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  1. Holy crap that's a lot of snow! Makes me happy to live in the south ;)
    Sophie was born on Jan 31. We didn't have snow, but an ice storm came through overnight. I was in labor and my husband was trying to shovel off our steps and Emma was pouring salt in the driveway so we could get out (it's a steep downhill drive - short but a dropoff on the other side of the street). It was treacherous but we made it!