Monday, July 25, 2011

Excited About Dinner Again

I'm ready to be excited about dinner again. Dinner time has been really slacking the last two months. Kevin has been in classes the two sometimes three days out of the week and it leaves me doing the bare minimum for dinner because he isn't home for dinner.

However.... I have gained knowledge in the grilling department in the last two months. There were times where I wanted specific dinners grilled and Kevin wasn't home or too busy to grill for me... so I did it. I started off with hot dogs (can't really screw those up can you?) and then moved my way to marinated meats. So far everything has turned out quite delish!

Tonight is the beginning of Kevin being back home for dinners. We are both in the mindset that we want to get back into the dinner time routine. I'm excited to try out some new recipes and bring back some old ones. I'm also excited to get some adult conversation back into dinner time. While I love having dinner with Connor in the evening, there is just something about talking with an adult during dinner time that I miss!

This morning I tossed some chicken breast tenders in some BBQ sauce before leaving for work. I'm very excited to get them tossed on the grill tonight! I can taste them already! Be prepared for some dinner time blogs in the near future!

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