Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend in Pics

Saturday Eve: Connor and G-Bill getting ready to build a sand castle

"Here mommy... you need some sand"

Diva looking beautiful as usual

Connor inching his way further and further out to sea

The castle waiting on the moat.

Sunday morning at Downs Park

Fun on the slide


  1. Love the pictures! You live in a beautiful area!

  2. Thank you! Sometimes I forget how beautiful this area can be. Its sad that I have to move trash out of the way at the beach in order for Connor to play but when you look around at the creek and the marina across the way its just so beautiful.

    I'm going to start taking a trash bag with me to the beach so I can at least pick up some of the plastic items instead of pushing them to the side.

  3. What a great idea - and a wonderful thing to teach Connor :) I've thought about taking a bag to the park with us for the same reason, but sadly I only think of it while we are there, not before we go.