Running Journey

These are the blogs of my running journey. Had you met me before August 2011 I would have laughed at you if you told me I would be a lover of running by October 2011. But here I am... I finally found something physical that brings me joy. I'm blogged my C25K journey to inspire others to strap on their tennis shoes and go for a run! I'm continuing my running blogs to address the, "Well then what happened questions after she finished C25K" questions. Please enjoy and share!

C25K Journey....

C25K aka... Getting My Butt In Shape....

C25k - Week 2

C25K Week 4 and Biking!

My First Nike and C25K Week 5 Complete!

C25K Week 6 and 7

C25K Week 8 Complete.... FINALLY

One Run Left....


PS - Just realized that Week 3 was never blogged about... I guess that week was pretty uneventful!


After C25K Journey

Reached Running Goal #2

Whatever Happened to.... Running?! 

Starting Over.... C25K 

TRYING to Start Over!