Monday, January 23, 2012

TRYING to Start Over!

Sigh.... I finally got on the ball and ran Week 1 Run 1 last Thursday. It was much needed considering I had taken Connor to the doctors for his 2 year well visit and his 28lbs, 35inches long, 100% cuteness was a hot mess through shots and the "inspection" from the doctor. At one point he ran down the hallway to the waiting room and threw himself on the floor while screaming his lungs out. Sigh.... I won't be doing that alone ever again....

After I dropped Connor off at daycare and before I headed into work I decided to go for the first run. It was 29 degrees.... COLD! BUT I layered up and went for it. I was cold at first but then warmed up to the point that I shed my gloves and ear warmers by the time I was doing my cool down walk. I felt great, the run was great and the stress was gone.

So running on Thursday would make my next run on Saturday. I had a pretty busy schedule for Saturday but knew I would be able to squeeze it in that morning. Until.... I woke up to this:
Ice... Ice... EVERYWHERE!

SNOW AND ICE!! Well it was really just ice once we got out there and started tromping around. So in my book there is no way that I am going to run on ice. Just not happening! I decided that I would wait another day and let the roads get clear.

Sunday rolls around and as I walked from the grocery store to my car my face felt like it had nearly froze over and was about to fall off. Then my decision to run or not to run (I was leaning way towards not running) was made when I got home and Kevin had been called into work. I can't go off running and leave Connor home by himself napping!

So here we are Monday.... I packed my gear to run on my lunch break. Its supposed to rain but I planned to run on the treadmill at the gym to make sure I get my run in. I despise running on the treadmill but I have to get a run in! I walk over to the gym (I work on a college campus), change my clothes and head for the gym.... only to find.... there is a sign that says "Class in Session". I literally had "WTF!!!" dancing in front of my eyes! The Faculty/Staff hours are from 12 - 1... it was 12:15.... Sigh...........So I have yet to get Week 1 Run 2 completed!

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and in the upper 40's and I plan to run on my lunch break on the track. At this point I'm thinking I might as well start over again. It's much harder to run in the winter than the summer. Less daylight hours, its bitter cold and icy. At least in the summer you can run in the rain because its not freezing cold and if I don't get a run in on my lunch break I can run when I get home because the sun is still up.

Still trucking but feeling like I'm being pushed back by the universe. Sigh.....

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