Friday, January 6, 2012

Babies, babies and MORE babies!

Babies, babies and MORE babies! Not for me at least!! But suddenly BOOM! My friends are having babies. Round two has started for some and others are starting off on their first. The bellies are getting rounder and soon they'll be cute little infants to snuggle close. I have friends due this month, March and May as well as a few other months.

Baby Showers are happening, bellies are being rubbed (well I'm not rubbing them... I don't want to catch the fever) and the glow is in the air. It also seems there will also be lots of boys being born.

When I was pregnant with Connor, I was pregnant with other friends and we were all within 6 months of each other. Connor was the only boy! Its good to see another round of babies getting started again. Seeing lots of friends pregnant makes me remember my pregnancy with happiness. Connor was such an easy going fetus. HA! I was only miserable up until the end. Heartburn and being as big as a house did me in.

Now all the bellies and remembering is not sparking any desire for me to run off and get knocked up. Don't you worry your pretty little head..... I'm truly happy with just the three of us. Our routine just works. We have just enough time and energy and love to go around. So don't start thinking this post is about me wanting round two.... its not.... it for my girlfriends growing those babies. Keep at it ladies! They'll be here soon enough!

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  1. You can have all the fun when it's someone else's to love on. Sort of like being the grandma. Enjoy!