Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Welp... I'm back. December was a month that started off stressful and made me really sick and then ended with lots of holiday fun and relaxation. I was MIA due to being sick and having no energy and then once I recovered I wanted to enjoy my time off work and be away from the computer as much as I could. Soooo now I'm back and ready to get this year started.

Connor LOVED Christmas and his presents. After each present he demanded that we take it out of the box so he could play with it. After we got it out of the box we would offer his next present to open and he would push it away! Oh goodness. In a few years he'll be tearing through all the presents and asking for more, I guess we just need to enjoy his one track mind for now.

What's that?!

Taking a break from opening presents....
This was the big hit present this year.
After Christmas we switched his crib to a toddler bed. I figured I was off work for the next week and if there were any issues with the transition I could sacrifice some sleep to help him through it. Well besides a few "middle of the night roll outs", he's done awesome. We took all of the toys out of his room so there was no distraction but half way through the week I returned the toy box because he goes to bed when its nap/bed time (***knock on wood***).


While work was closed for Winter Break I sent Connor to daycare some of the days I was off so I could get some "Me Time" and catch up on getting myself balanced and better. It was awesome doing nothing.

The new year came and went and we spent the evening hanging with some old friends. Connor did amazing. He couldn't fall asleep at his normal bed time because of everything going on but he stayed up until we left around 10:45 and promptly passed out when the car started moving.

Up passed his bed time....

Connor's birthday was yesterday. He turned 2! He's been so entranced by Toy Story these days we decided to get him the Woody and Buzz dolls along with the movie Toy Story. The dolls were a hit and he insisted on taking Woody with him to daycare. I baked him a cake yesterday and some cupcakes to take to daycare. I lit the number 2 candle and right before Kevin and I sang Happy Birthday, Connor reached up and touched the candle. Thankfully he wasn't burned but hot wax got on his finger. This of course scared him and made him cry the whole time we sang Happy Birthday, he didn't want to blow out the candle AND he didn't want to eat a piece of cake. Thankfully he calmed down and later enjoyed a piece but I thought we had scared him of Birthday cake for the rest of his life.
Buzz and Woody!

Right before the hot wax incident.....

Finally eating cake....

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