Monday, January 30, 2012

Looking Back...

This time last year I was waiting on a phone call. The phone call was from my current employer. I was waiting to see if they wanted to hire me. I had been on the interview, they liked me (at least I hoped), and I was just waiting.

I had been job hunting pretty much since I had returned from maternity leave. At first I didn't want to look, but I knew it was heading in that direction. I was comfortable at my old job and happy. BUT a few weeks into my maternity leave Kevin was laid off. We didn't know what the future would hold for us at that time but I found myself looking at jobs for me while I was helping Kevin look for jobs.

Thankfully Kevin found a new job within 3 months and all was mostly back to normal. I kept looking. We had suffered a pay cut, my current job wasn't as flexible as I wanted it to be having a new born baby, and I felt like my position was moving towards a place I didn't want to go. I found a few companies I liked and went on a few interviews. They either didn't want me or I didn't want them. Nothing was fitting. Almost a year later I was feeling down and out. I was at a point in my old job where I needed to find something or stick it out for a transition.

The beginning of December 2010 I applied for a Web Developer position at the community college. Then I didn't hear anything back. The whole month ticked by and NOTHING. I was pretty sure that the job was it for me. I had had a feeling about it when I submitted my resume...... I waited.... I gave up hope.

Apparently... I didn't realize that the WHOLE college shuts down after exams and goes on winter break (something I just experienced last month!). No one was there to look at my resume!

FINALLY they called. January 3rd 2011, I got my phone call. I was so happy I couldn't stand myself. We scheduled my interview and I was pumped. There wasn't going to be a preliminary phone interview first, they wanted to meet me. ME!

I had to reschedule the interview the day of due to the classic 1 year old getting sick. I felt awful having to call and cancel. I swore I saw my chance running down the tubes. They were understanding. We rescheduled.

Finally.... the interview. I don't think I had ever been so calm and on point in any interview. It was almost as if all the other interviews were just practice for me. I was there. I was in the moment. It was my job.

So this time last year... I sat at my desk at my old job. Waiting. Waiting for that phone call. I knew they had called my references. I waited. They called.

There was some negotiations, a dance as I reviewed the benefits that worked perfectly for our family, an acceptance, and paper work to be mailed. BUT most of all it was hitting me that I would have to leave my awesome coworkers behind. That was something I didn't think of during all my waiting. I started to get scared and nervous. How could I go on working without them, laughing without them, and going to lunch without them? It felt impossible.

I started my current job on March 1, 2011. The best change my life had taken me since finding out I was pregnant with Connor (not comparing changing a job to having a kid... just the way it felt).

Looking back to the worried Amanda a year ago... I just want to reminder her and everyone else that the best things in life are worth waiting for. BIG change is NOT scary and you can't force things to happen until they are ready. Keep holding your chin up, think positive, what you put out to the universe will come back to you and smile!


  1. Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You go girl! Glad you have come out on top :)

  3. Great post. I too have been looking for a long time now and am waiting for some good news but have been having the same problem with finding the right fit.
    I'm glad to know good things do happen, congrats!