Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another Side of Me

In my pre Connor days I was very much into the holistic health community. I supported fellow holistic health practitioners, taught Reiki Workshops, had Reiki Clients and at one point taught a Meditation for Children workshop. I loved (and still do) being surrounded doing and being around the energy work. In the last year and a half I haven't done much outward Reiki but I've done a lot of personal Reiki in keeping the mommy stress to a minimum. In the last month the outward Reiki has been creeping slowly back into my life from all different avenues.

Leading up to Connor's birth I was still teaching and seeing clients. It was quite the experience (you can read about it here). After Connor was born, I did teach a few workshops here and there and I also still saw clients. BUT over time.... I started having less free time because Connor's naps were becoming fewer and fewer. I also wanted to start having most of my free time spent with Connor as much as I could. Now a days, it just not easy to have a Reiki client with a toddler in the house. Its not a bad thing really.... Just kind of a hibernation of sorts. I've enjoyed the personal journey thus far but I'm excited to be talking with others about it again. I doubt that I'll be developing a workshop schedule anytime soon but I'm thinking of blogging more about the personal journey. Its definitely something I have been putting on the back burner and haven't been open about in a while.

If you find yourself wondering what is this Reiki stuff I speak of.... check out an article written by Dawn Fleming recently published on called Reiki Anyone? Reiki for Everyone.

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