Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rocking and Rolling

Just want to share some of our home videos of Connor and his journey to becoming a Rock Star. Its so fascinating watching him explore instruments, singing songs and dancing. There is no embarrassment... he just explores. No one has told him, "Oh you can sing" or "You look silly dancing" or "That instrument is hard to play". (Anyone who does will get a kick in the butt at this point).

He LOVES to sing his ABC's, Row Row Row your Boat and Ring Around the Rosey. If a fun tune comes on, you'll see him banging his head and shaking his bottom. We love to dance in the car on the way too and from daycare. Now a days if he's heard the song enough times he'll sing the words he knows. Daycare said he was singing parts of "Mr. Know It All" by Kelly Clarkson in the car the other day.

This video is from early summer late spring 2010. He discovered the Harmonica..... I may have even shared this video before. He's just so darn cute!

Next we have him discovering my didgeridoo. When I was in my teens my mom and I went to a holistic health fair and there were people selling didgeridoos. I tried one out and could actually play it. So for my birthday, she bought me one. Pretty cool.... except.... its not like I sit down and play it every day so it now its propped up in the corner of our living room and collects dust. In the past, my friends found it fun to play with after a night of drinking. Now Connor will pull it out from the corner and try to make the sounds that mommy can make.

This boy does love to shake his booty and dance if the right song is on. The other night Kevin put some tunes on and Connor danced while playing with Daddy's guitars and playing the air drums.

And now lastly.... Our little singer.... Aunt Alice bought Connor a plastic echoing mircophone for his birthday this weekend because he's been trying to sing into the tiny microphone that came with his Mr. Potato Head at Christmas.

Lots of videos in this post.... I can't help it! He's growing and exploring and its pretty darn awesome.

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