Friday, January 13, 2012

Me? Emotional?!

Picture for the new momma... she loves elephants
I found out last night that mine and Kevin's close friends were at the hospital expecting to give birth to their first baby. After I hung up the phone, I got a little teary eyed thinking of how excited and happy I was for them. I quickly had to wipe them away and deal with Connor who was demanding yet ANOTHER slice of cheese and for me to sit and eat his creations that he was making in his play kitchen AND get dinner made.

Kevin and I had been waiting all morning for a text to confirm the birth of the new baby. Waiting and waiting and waiting. After I got back from my lunch break.... BAM! A text!! Yay!! The baby was born. Yay!!! And here come the tears again. BUT being at work I hold it in and keep on keeping on.

BUT THEN... I get a picture text.... and yep... no more holding it in. A super cute chubby newborn is looking back at me on my phone. I closed my office door and had a good happy cry for my friends. As one of my other girlfriends said, "Ahhhhh! I love him already". He's not even a full day old yet and he has so many people to love him.

I was talking with my mom on my lunch break and I told her about how I got teary eyed last night and how ever since I had Connor I've noticed that I've become emotional. She said, "Amanda... you've always been emotional. Connor didn't change anything". LOL!! She then reminded me and gave examples of how emotional I used to be as a kid / teenager. And then it hit me... I bet if I asked Kevin if I was emotional before Connor he'd say, "HELL YEAH". Hmmm..... maybe I'm just now realizing this about myself. I always thought I held it in but according to other sources I guess not.....

I don't think its a bad thing.... I guess its weird that I'm 29 and just realizing that I am emotional. Hmm.... I'll have to sit with this one for a little bit. Anything you discovered about yourself that others already knew and confirmed for you?

Anywho!! Congrats to our good friends the Beecher's on their beautiful baby boy!! I can't wait to kiss his little cheeks off!!!

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  1. Just wait a couple years. When your preschooler starts saying things and you wonder where on earth he learned that phrase, you will realize what you say a lot and never realized :) What you yell at other drivers, too ;)