Monday, June 25, 2012

Times They Are A Changin

I was reading Connor "Cat in the Hat Come Back" tonight. I had to check the date of the book when were were done because of these two lines.

"Whose shoes did he use? I looked and I saw whose! And I said to the cat, 'This is very bad news. Now the spot is all over my Dad's $10 shoes!'"

$10 shoes!!! LOL!! Love it. I giggled a little bit and Connor said, "Wha mommy? Wha?"

Next line, "He ran into Dad's bedroom and then the cat said, 'It is good that your dad has the right kind of bed.'"

Its not every day you see in a book or in the media of parents having separate beds let alone bedrooms. The book has a Copyright of 1958.

Just a giggle for the evening!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tent Sleeping

I know I mentioned in my last post that I was blogging about our camping trip from the beginning of this month but that is still in progress. The tent sleeping I'm getting ready to blog about is Connor's new found love for sleeping in his playtent on the floor.

It started with the commercial on the Disney channel where there are kids laying in a tent outside at night looking at an iPad and watching Disney Jr. Because yeah..... if I'm camping in the backyard I'm going to whip out my tablet and watch TV... not enjoy the stars or surrounding nature. ANYWAY.... Connor saw the commercial and wanted his playtent out and put together. Which... I was surprised that he even remembered that he had it. Its been a long time since we pulled it out.

Keep in mind that breakfast hadn't even been put on the table yet and he wanted this tent!!! Soooo I put it together and he played in it for 5 min and then moved on. Yay....

Naptime came around and Connor told me he wanted to nap in the tent. I told him he couldn't nap in it in the living room but we could move it into his bedroom. <--- That was mommy's BIG mistake!! I folded up a comforter so he had a cushion and he went to sleep. Bedtime came around and he again... wanted to sleep in the tent. I rolled with it.

Sunday came and he again slept in the tent. I began to worry. I didn't want him sleeping on the floor. I mean... can it physically harm him? I don't know? Do I want to encourage him to sleep on the floor? No. Either way it wasn't sitting well with me.

There wasn't going to be a, "Wait for him to fall asleep and move him." He literally moved all his blankets, pillows and stuffed animals (in his words, "friends") in the tent with him. Moving him would have been a nightmare.

Wednesday it hit me... I make awesome blanket forts! Off to work I went.... I transformed his toddler bed to a toddler bed tent. He LOVED it, crawled right in and let me take the tent out of his room. Tonight is the second night and he's fast asleep in his little tent made by mommy!

Sleeping on the floor in his tent
In his new toddler bed tent!
With his friends of course

 This is yet another way parenting makes you think outside the box. Have you had to think outside the box lately?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Middle of June... Say wha?!

How did June creep by so fast? I mean I know evenings were passing by without me blogging but I didn't realize HOW MANY!!!

So what happened this month?? Well we started off the month with a camping trip to my dad's trailer in Little Orleans, MD. I actually started a blog about our trip but never finished it. Soooo more on that to come.

Connor is still blowing my mind left and right with his imagination. I mean.... he's just a big ball of awesomeness. Pure awesomeness.

This past weekend he decided he wanted to sleep in the play tent that we have. I let him sleep in it for nap then he wanted to sleep in it for bedtime and then he was hooked. I felt bad for letting him sleep in the floor. I mean, we had a nice comforter folded up under him but it was the floor for crying out loud! Tonight I constructed a blanket fort around his toddler bed and he finally climbed back up in his bed. I was even able to move the tent out of his room. Whew. A blog post on this is coming soon as well.

Me? What's going on with me you ask? Nothing really new really. I haven't been running at all and I really need to start. Like yesterday needed to start.

I decided to stop reading the autobiographies, biographies and memoirs for now. They were boring me and I was beginning to dislike reading. It was feeling like homework. I started reading Dark Legacy by Anne DeStefano. It was a book I downloaded on a Free Download Friday through B&N. Not bad I suppose. I took a break to read the first book of 50 Shades of Grey by E. L. James. It was steamy but I couldn't get passed the writing style AND then once I found out it was based off of Twilight Fan Fiction it was all over for me. The characters also drove me nuts.

We also celebrated Father's day which I hope to blog about soon as well. Father's day totally snuck up on me as well. The Tuesday before I was sitting on the couch and BAM! it hit me.... UGH. June is usually one of my favorite months but I feel like it is flying past me in a whirl wind.

I'll end with this cute recording/video of Connor and his new found love of Knock Knock Jokes.... we were in the car and I was driving so I couldn't just record him... I turned on the recorder and dropped it in the cup holder.


Friday, June 1, 2012

Let the Imagination Begin!

In the last week or so Connor's imagination as been through the roof and I just LOVE it. I just want that part of his brain to grow and grow and grow. I want to give that imagination of his a great big hug and never let anything squash it.

Last week Connor was playing with his cars. He always plays with cars. Usually its just pushing them around, lining them up or making the make noises. Well........... lately, he makes the cars talk to each other. This was one conversation he made them have:

Car 1: Ok, see you later I go to Ms. Heather's house now
Car 2: Ok, I miss you. Bye.

***Car 1 drives away***
***Car 1 drives back***
Car 1: I back from Ms. Heather's house
Car 2: Ok. I poopied in my hiney
***Car 2 drives away***

Another time last week Connor had his play phone he paced the kitchen babbling away. I asked him who he was talking too and he responded, "Pop". Then his conversation got real clear. "Hey buddy. What's up? I love you too buddy. See you later buddy." He just repeated it over and over again while pacing the kitchen back and forth. I totally wanted to video tape but didn't want to leave the room to get the camera.

Then there was last night.... last night will stay with me forever! I took Connor to the playground and it was just the two of us. We did the usual climbing, running and sliding but then he ran under the jungle gym and stood where the bars were blocking him in. He started saying, "Help mommy, help. I stuck!" It took me a minute to realize he was playing. Then he said, "I got my rescue pack" and started singing the song from Go, Diego Go! and blasted around the corner free from being trapped.

Next, he wanted me to be trapped. So I played it up calling for help and Connor ran away then came back saying, "I got Toodles. I get mouskatool to help." Then he'd unlock the bars and I would be free. We did this over and over and over again. It didn't get old and I played it up more and more. We were actually playing together!

Our little boy is really growing up and I love it. I don't think I'll ever get sad over him growing up until he denies me my snuggles and kisses. Until then.... I'm soaking them up!