Monday, June 25, 2012

Times They Are A Changin

I was reading Connor "Cat in the Hat Come Back" tonight. I had to check the date of the book when were were done because of these two lines.

"Whose shoes did he use? I looked and I saw whose! And I said to the cat, 'This is very bad news. Now the spot is all over my Dad's $10 shoes!'"

$10 shoes!!! LOL!! Love it. I giggled a little bit and Connor said, "Wha mommy? Wha?"

Next line, "He ran into Dad's bedroom and then the cat said, 'It is good that your dad has the right kind of bed.'"

Its not every day you see in a book or in the media of parents having separate beds let alone bedrooms. The book has a Copyright of 1958.

Just a giggle for the evening!


  1. following from bloggy moms!

  2. Dr. Seuss may be dated, but it is amazing how classic those books still are. I have grandkids who enjoy them now! :D Fun to see the difference in then and now.