Thursday, September 8, 2011

C25K Week 4 and Biking!

Week 4 for C25K has been started! So far two of the three runs have been completed. Kevin and I were met with a OMFG feeling for the first run.
Week 4 has you:
Warm up walk for 5 minutes
Run for 3 minutes
Walk for 90 seconds
Run for 5 crazy long never going to end minutes
Walk for 2.5 minutes
Run for 3 minutes
Walk for 90 seconds
Run for 5 how the eff am I supposed to finish minutes
End with a 5 minute cool down walk

The last 5 minute run for Run 1 on Monday had me talking to myself, chanting Reiki symbols to give me strength and the occasional cuss word as well. It was TOUGH but I did it. Just knowing I completed made me happy regardless of how I got there.

The second run for Week 4 wasn't nearly as OMFG but was still a push for us. Kevin and I found the 3 minute runs fairly easy and we know by next week we should have the 5 minute runs down and ready to move forward.

This weekend we had our first family biking trip! In July we bought a trailer that would hitch to the back of my bike (Kevin's bike doesn't have the whatever bolt that is needed so it can't hook up). We've either been too busy or the weather too hot so we haven't used the trailer yet.

Realizing that beautiful weather is around the corner and is fast to disappear we're making an effort to "schedule" biking trips and put them on the calendar.

Sunday morning we packed up the bikes, helmets, lunch, water packs, toys for Connor and ourselves and drove to Downs Park in Pasadena, MD. We decided to do the shorter trail to see how I would do biking for the first time in YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS while pulling the trailer behind. I thought I would do better than I did. After a while I was huffing and puffing and needing a break. I'll only keep getting stronger if we keep going! Connor LOVED riding along. When I stopped for water or a breathing break he would start whining or saying, "Mommy mommy mommy, go!". I'm super glad this worked out.

The trail at Downs Park struck me very sad. After the hurricane Downs Park was closed for several days. We got to see why. All around the trail there were downed trees. There were parts of the trail where the asphalt had been lifted and broken from roots being ripped up as trees fell. Trees had fallen like dominoes on top of each other. Roots flipped up were EVERYWHERE. Some parts looked like a bomb had gone off. It struck me sad because I have been going to Downs Park for as long as I can remember. I've been walking that trail for as long as I can remember. To see it in such bad shape broke my heart. I wish I could have stopped and took pictures but my goal was to keep moving on the bike.

After our trip around the loop I decided that if I was going to run for C25K the next day I needed to preserve my leg strength and stop for the day. I took Connor to the play ground and Kevin was going to hit up the longer trail at the park. WELL.... that side of the park was STILL closed due to downed trees. Soooo Kevin looped the smaller trail again and then met us for lunch.

Getting ready to go!

Taking a break! Notice some of the trees down behind me.
Kevin waiting for me to get my breath back :)
Connor fell asleep on the way home WITH pretzel in his mouth!!
Someone had TOO MUCH fun.

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