Friday, September 16, 2011

Ask And You Shall Receive!

I always get a little giggly when there is something simple that I've put out into the Universe and it manifests in less than 24 hours. A lot of times its stuff I'm not even realizing that I'm saying or hoping for. I'll say it and be done with it. No emotion attached and then BAM there it is unfolding in my life.

At the beginning of the semester the college changed their brand of coffee and the cups that the coffee comes in. Before I semi liked the coffee and the cups came with the outer sleeve to protect your fingers from the hotness that is inside the cup. NOW I'm really not a huge fan of the new brand and they give you these cups that are supposed to be insulated enough to not use the extra sleeves. Well when I get the coffee or a hot tea my fingers are always burning by the time I get back to my office.

I was talking to my coworker yesterday about how I do not like the new brand AND how the cups always burn my fingers and I wish they would bring back using the sleeves.

This morning I decided I needed a hot tea. The weather was chilly this morning and I wanted to enjoy having a hot tea in this beautiful weather. I go down to the Cafe that is under our offices and there are several others in front of me. They get their "warm" beverages and do not receive a sleeve to protect their fingers. I order my hot tea and a muffin (because I'm super hungry from my running yesterday). The woman fills my cup up with hot water, hesitates, goes digging in a cabinet and pulls out a sleeve and slips it around my cup. My jaw literally dropped. I didn't ask her and I've never made comments to her in the past while ordering.

I must say the walk back to my office was not rushed AND my fingers are saying, "Thank you, universe!". This is just a little reminder that manifesting things into your life can be that easy. We just have to learn to let it go and let it happen.

Happy Boost My Blog Friday!

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