Thursday, September 1, 2011


September is my FAVORITE time of year. Begining of October too BUT I love me some mid to end of September weather.

The heat in the air starts to vanish. There are cool mornings that make you a little chilly but you drive to work with your car window down anyway. The evenings are comfortable enough to go for walks again or play outside. AND WE CAN'T FORGET FOOTBALL! AND if football is here that means HOCKEY IS AROUND THE CORNER!

Mine and Kevin's wedding anniversary is on the 28th and we'll be celebrating 4 whooping WONDERFUL years of marriage together.

We have lots of plans this month. Kevin and I will be moving in to the middle weeks of C25K. We've wowed ourselves keeping up with running for 3 minutes and are looking forward/nervous for the upcoming weeks.

Bowling starts for Kevin this month and he's looking forward to hitting up the lanes for another 35 weeks. September 20th Kevin and I are going to see the Washington Capitals play in Baltimore! Its a preseason game BUT we're excited just the same. I haven't seen a hockey game since I was pregnant with Connor!

I'm wrapping up my first two classes I registered for the beginning of last month and started my third class that will go through mid-December. My fourth 9-week class starts mid-September. WOWSERS!!!! Homework, Blogging, Book Club ............ YIPES!

AND finally we will be heading out on our first real family camping trip! Not sure where we're camping yet but the end of September we'll be heading somewhere and doing the camping thing! VERY EXCITED!

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