Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Welp it's mine and Kevin's 4-year Wedding Anniversary today! We celebrated this wondrous occasion by going on our first family vacation at Rocky Gap camping in a mini-cabin. I'll get into more details about the trip later as it would make for one looooooooooooooong blog if I did the whole trip in one post and I'm up to my ears in laundry and unpacking. I just wanted to take this time to wish my hunny a Happy Anniversary and spread the love out to everyone!

Here's a photo bomb over the last 4 years <3

Sept 28, 2007 - Our Wedding

My Very Fav Pic!

First Dance

Last Dance

Sept 27/28, 2008 - Celebrating our 1st Anniversary!

Rain Forest Cafe

Date day to the Science Center in Baltimore

I've got organs!
Fall 2009 (We went to see Robin Williams Live in DC and didn't take pics - we'll have to settle for the month following)

We went to Renaissance Festival the weekend after our anniversary. I was pregnant!
Yes... see.... I was pregnant..... We were H1N1 for Halloween that year... the scariest thing around!

Sept 2010 - We were first time parents!

8 Months

Our cute kid!

We did sneak away on a cruise to Bermuda baby free in November!

Sept 2011 - Our first camping trip at Rocky Gap State Park
Outside the Aviary

Two peas in a pod

My little camper!

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