Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pin It!

My new addiction (thanks to Christine at Inspired Life) is Pinterest!


I've always hated flagging things as favorites or bookmarking something in a web browser. Unless I name the favorite/bookmark something ingenious I can never remember why I saved the links that I did. With Pinterest you "pin" a picture of whatever is on the link to a board on your account. Its a visual bookmark! Woot!

When you log onto Pinterest you have all your boards in front of you for with a preview of your pins!


You can see that I have started a Halloween board as I'm looking online for costume ideas for Connor they are all in one place AND I have a visual what is on the link. After the Halloween board is the Bathroom Redesign board because we are in the middle of repainting and designing our bathroom. As I'm looking for ideas and inspiration I "pin" it! It really makes organizing ideas online visually fantastic!

When you click on your board you can see all the pins that are attached to the board:
If you were to click on one of the images it takes you to the link that it is associated. Soooo if decided to order Connor that super cute dragon costume... I'd know exactly which one to click on rather than clicking through 50 bookmarks trying to figure out where it is.

You can also follow your friends or other people if you like what they are pinning. If you see something someone pinned you can re-pin it to your boards. You can also comment and "like" someoneelse's pin. AND of course... it links to Facebook and Twitter.

Check out Pinterest!


  1. I must say I'm loving your bathroom redesign pins! The color is fabulous. BTW I really like your new blog background too :)

  2. Thanks!! Its taken me FOREVER to decide on a color! I originally thought an egg plant with tan but just wasn't feeling the egg plant. Our bathroom has been sitting for MONTHS with patch work on the walls waiting to be painted.

    AND thanks for the blog design compliment! I'm loving it too! :)