Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Up to My Ears!

I am up to my ears in HOMEWORK!

Last week I finished my first 9 week non-credit class, Web 2.0 Blogging, Wikis, and Podcasting. I learned a decent amount of information that will help enhance this blog, my job and giving advice to others who are starting down the path of Web 2.0. I passed the final with a 97.3%! The class has inspired me to revamp my website to focus more on Web 2.0 and blogging. I just have to MAKE THE TIME!

My second 4 week non-credit class was Integrating Social Media into an Organization. I just finished up the last requirements of that class and awaiting my grade/pass. There is no final exam for the class. You just have to take quizzes for each unit and participate in the discussions. I learned the importance of focusing on different social medias and not having to us ALL of them. I'm planning on reviewing the different venues I learned about and determining which would be the most helpful.

My third class is a credit course and will last until Dec. I'm taking Intro to Object Oriented Programming. VERY BASIC but MUCH NEEDED. When I got my Bachelors I focused on communications and the marketing side of web and not the computer science part. While I do programming on a mostly daily basis I feel like I'm missing pieces of the puzzle. Soooo... I've decided to start filling in the missing pieces! So far I have a 100% in the class AND 15 extra credit points. Woot Woot!

My fourth class starts on the 21st. Its another 9 week non-credit class, Intro to CSS and XHTML. This is yet another class where I am filling in the missing pieces.

I'll have a fifth class starting in mid-November after the fourth finishes up. When I stop to think about it I feel like I'm purposely driving myself crazy, BUT then I stop and look at my Vision Board I created and realize its all part of the plan!


  1. Is part of the plan to keep the local university in the dough?

  2. HA! I work for the community college so.... I only have to pay for fees. IF it is work related and non-credit the fees are waved. Can't beat free education!