Friday, August 12, 2011

My Vision Board Explained

My Vision Board - Created Aug 9th 2011
I want to explain my Vision Board not really for everyone else to understand but for me to put it out to "Universe" what I want. I had mostly words and very little pictures. I think that is because I've been blogging more and words just make sense right now.

I'll start off in the upper left-hand corner. What looks like a black box up in the corner says PERFECT. I'm not trying to be perfect nor do I think that I am. I just want to feel perfect. Does that make sense? If it doesn't to you.... thats ok... it does to me!

Underneath of PERFECT is the word Sexy. Again..... not trying to get a huge ego and BE SEXY... I want to feel sexy. I always believe that if you think you are sexy, other people will find you the same way.

Under Sexy comes Be Vibrant. The word Vibrant slapped me in the face and said hello... JUMPED out at me. The thought of being a positive light being sounds simply fabulous and I hope to achieve that more often than not this year.

After Be Vibrant comes Instant Calm and More Energy Right Now!. These two are complete opposites but I want to be able to become instantly calm and have more energy on demand. I know it sounds impossible BUT I'll try to accomplish it!!

After those two comes the word Reiki, a picture of a person meditating, and a picture of a bird/dove these go with the theme of having peace and paying attention to the energy within me and around me.

In the bottom left-hand corner is Sugar Rush and Down Time these two are also kind of opposites. I'd love to have the sugar rush feeling without actually ingesting the sugar and without the crash. I guess I just want that "high on life" feeling. I used to feel it all the time, not sure what happened. I also need more down time. I do not give myself enough and I'm always keeping myself busy.

Back up to the top center now, in BIG letters you'll see Get Organized. This is pretty much self-explanatory. I think everyone wants to get more organized. I'd at least like to just get organized!

Underneath of Get Organized is TIMING IS EVERYTHING. For me this is a well needed reminder. I forget that things happen in their own time and I am where I need to be no matter how lost I'm feeling. There is a purpose.

Next is a picture of ME! It is a picture that is was in the Fall 2010 Reiki Magazine because I wrote an article on Reiki and Pregnancy. It was very inspiring to have the article published and hope to get more writing done this year.

And then OF COURSE there is a HUGE WAD OF MONEY! Yes. What Vision Board would be complete without a huge wad of cash. But in all seriousness I'm looking at generating more income for our family and managing our money better.

Next to the HUGE WAD OF MONEY is FAMILY and NEW LESSON PLAN. This is for working towards us becoming an even better family and having a new lesson plan for living life. Examples being... eating better, spending/saving money more wisely, being more physically active and exercising.

THEN this is a picture of a Fruity Beverage. It could be alcoholic or not. Just as long as I'm enjoying a YUMMY, refreshing, and relaxing drink from time to time I'll be happy.

Back up to the top right-hand corner you'll find feeling great starts here NOW. Needless to say I've been in a funk off and on for the last year. Its time to start feeling great and the time is NOW. No exceptions and no excuses.

That is followed by health inside&out. This is pretty self explanatory as well. It goes hand and hand with the "new lesson plan".

Below that you will find 100% COMMITTED and Fun Fearless Females. I want to be 100% committed to anything I am doing or decide to do. I'm a Sagittarius and I tend to procrastinate. I'm surprised that the blog challenge I was in last month didn't find me needing to do 20 posts in the last week. I also have a goal to surround myself with Fun Fearless Females this year and to also become one.

Underneath those is love your looks and smile!. These are just little reminders to myself and keep me in a positive space.

THEN we get to GREAT ADVENTURES I'm hoping for some good vacations and trips this year. Maybe not far and long but I want to enjoy time as a family, and as just husband and wife.

Next to GREAT ADVENTURES you'll find a picture of a woman holding her arms up to the sky in celebration. I intend to just that and often this year. Celebrate life and the world.

AND FINALLY... LAST BUT NOT LEAST. I've got picture of Ellen because of tentative plans to go see The Ellen Show with my mother when I'm off work for spring break. I became addicted became a fan of the show when was on maternity leave and went through serious withdraws became very sad that I was missing it when I went back to work. If I'm home from work on the weekdays you'll find me in front of the TV watching The Ellen Show at 3pm! So we'll see... my momma and I really want to dance in the audience March 2012!

I hope I didn't bore you TOO MUCH with my explanations BUT again.... I said this was mostly for me to figure out what the heck I put on there and why!! Happy Friday!!


  1. Very neat!

    I made a Vision Board just a couple of weeks ago also! I love doing this!

    Your board is great!

  2. I think your board is awesome, what a great idea! I've never done one of those, I never really understood what they were, but this post clears all that up!

    And I totally understand what you mean by "feel" perfect, not "be" perfect. Great blog, am a new follower :).

  3. Hop'in by from 'Boost My Blog Friday Blog Hop'. I'm following your blog now, wont you please come and follow me back?? ~KM

    Krafty Max Originals

  4. Thanks Marian and Marlee. It was a great experience and I'm glad I could get it done with friends.

    Marlee and Krafty thanks for following! I'll be sure to check out everyone's blogs!