Monday, August 8, 2011


For a Monday I'm feeling pretty damn grateful. Usually Mondays are the most rough part of the week for me. Not because its Monday or I get a "case of the Mondays" but my essence goes into shock every Monday.

I go from a weekend that was spent doing the things I want or need to do on my time to "working for the man" and stuck in my office with no window to the outside world. I go from spending most of my time with my awesome 19 month old to sitting in my office knowing he's having fun with other kids and our daycare provider without me (which I'm all for most days but I struggle on Mondays). I miss his cute little face and his sweet hugs and kisses he's been giving out recently. I miss his need to have me by his side playing with trucks from time to time. I miss having most of our meals together as a family instead of just dinner at the end of the day. Like I said... most of these things don't bother me except for on Mondays.

BUT TODAY.... I just feel so grateful for life.

I'm grateful for Kevin, Connor and even our cats and dog (that says a whole lot!!!). We're a healthy and happy family these days

I feel grateful for our extended family.

I feel grateful for the wonderful friends that I have and how each one is a different blessing in my life.

I'm full of love and gratefulness for the fact that I have a job to go to and its a job that I like.

I feel grateful for our new dishwasher that is coming this evening.

I feel grateful for my iPod mysteriously coming back to life and working again (that's a blog all in itself).

I feel grateful for the two classes I've started taking in the last two weeks at work. I'm jumping in and loving it.

Hot damn... I'm just filled with gratefulness which makes me feel GREAT! Hooray for Monday! Hopefully I feel the same way next Monday!

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