Monday, August 15, 2011

An Empty Kitchen Sink

I FINALLY ended my weekend and evening with an empty kitchen sink last night. For the last several months our old dishwasher was SOOOOO bad that alot of the time dishes coming out "clean" were going back into the sink because they were still dirty. This left and awful cycle of being overwhelmed with dishes in the sink and pissed off because our dishwasher wasn't cleaning them enough. HOWEVER.... my mom and Bill bought us a dishwasher last month when they were in town for our birthdays. Kevin (with some help from my dad) installed it last week and I can finally say we've had little to no dishes left in our sink because the dishes are coming out nice and clean!

Who would have thought I would get excited over an empty sink!
Now that my kitchen sink is staying empty more often I'm going to start following The Fly Lady again. She has a great program that helps you stay on top of keeping your house organized and cleaned if you have trouble keeping up with everything (like me). I'll have to blog about my adventures with that at another time.

This weekend was pretty low key but made some good memories.

Friday after dinner we headed to Ft. Smallwood Park because, for the first time in weeks, it was cool enough to enjoy being outside. Connor enjoyed running around the jungle gym and swinging on the swings BUT I think his favorite part of the trip was playing basketball with Kevin. He chased Kevin around and tried throwing the ball. Kevin had tossed his hat to the corner and Connor kept finding it and bringing to him/yelling at him to put it back on.

Nothing But Net!

Saturday Connor went to the grocery store with me and Kevin played roller hockey in the morning. In the afternoon we decided to switch around the car seats. We installed our Graco Nautilus in the Trailblazer, moved the Alpha Omega to my car and the Cosco to the Jeep Wrangler. We always envisioned keeping him rear-facing until 2 but we feel the time has come to switch.Connor seems much happier and my sanity while driving has returned.

Because the Jeep finally has a car seat in it now, we were able to cruise in to the Eastlake picnic. We took out the front two windows and the back window but left in the two side windows for Connor. HE HAD A BLAST. The wind was blowing through his hair and he loved being able to see us. Our stay at the Eastlake party was cut short to passing storms and Connor's need to play in the mud.  Regardless of our short stay we had a great time.
Take it slow... you're gonna mess up my hair!
Sunday was very very very low key. Storms off and on canceled Kevin's make up softball tournament and we were able to meet my dad to see the new Planet of the Apes. IT WAS GOOD. Actually it was better than good.... IT WAS GREAT. I recommend seeing it. Kevin is now looking into buying the box set so I can be refreshed and he can finally watch them for the first time.

Here's to a great week ahead of us!

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