Monday, August 8, 2011

Blinked it By

This weekend went by in a BLINK!

Here are some highlights!


I was able to see the movie Smurfs with my dad. It was great to have an evening hanging out with my dad. Much like most children from the 80's I LOVED the smurfs. I still have my Smurf baby blanket and Smurfette pillow tucked away in my hope chest in our bedroom (for what reason.... I don't know). The movie was a lot better than I hoped it to be. I was concerned because of the bad reviews BUT it was comical and made me giggle. There was some bonus adult humor as well. Overall... it was Smurferistic!

La la la la la.... laaaaaaaaaa..... Sing a Happy Song
New Toys For Connor!
Saturday I ventured out with Connor to do some shopping while Kevin tried out mountain biking in the morning. I had to get some supplies for my Vision Board Girls Night on Tuesday.

From there we ventured to Marshall's to see what kind of deals I could find on some toys. I found Wacky Wednesday and Ten Apples Up On Top by Theo. LeSieg (aka Dr. Seuss). I already have a copy of Wacky Wednesday BUT it has been passed through a few children and has lived a long life. Needless to say it needs to be replaced. I was excited to find it because I thought Wacky Wednesday was no longer in print.... AND I got it for $4.50. Ten Apples Up On Top was a favorite book that was at my grandparents house and I was excited to find it for $4!! I also scored Connor the Little Tikes Golf Set for $12. He LOVES it!!

Our last stop was at M&M's Consignment Shop.  I had taken a few things in a couple weeks ago when I was cleaning out my office and wanted to see if anything sold. I was planning on looking for some Little People things for Connor if they did. I was happy to find there was $27 on my account. I got Connor two Little People toys, a Sit N Spin and at the last minute he grabbed a huge Tonka Fire Truck.

I just looked up the Little People toys and realized what a great deal we got. First I got him the Little People Racetrack that is supposed to come with two racers and costs $36.... I got ours for $11 and it came with the two race cars AND two extras cars/wheelies. NICE. I can't find the exact Little People Town that I picked up (its a little older but still has a lot of life left) but the one that is similar is going for close to $40 and we got ours for $12. Consignment shopping is WONDERFUL.

Little People® Wheelies™ Rev 'n Sounds™ Race Track

Domestic Day
Sunday was grocery shopping and cleaning day. Fun, Fun, Fun.... Well really it kinda was. I love rearranging and organizing when I have the time and drive. That was exactly what I did in the kitchen yesterday. I attacked our two clutter piles and moved around some furniture and it looks GREAT! I'm prepping to start following The Fly Lady once again. We're getting a new dishwasher this week and I'm ready to have my sink empty at the end of every evening!

Overall it was a productive weekend. Lots of boring stuff for your reading pleasure. This week I have my Vision Board Girls Night and a few other ideas to blog about. Stay tuned!!


  1. so Flylady has attacked you, too??? i hate that woman. ;)

  2. I did Fly Lady the end of last year/beginning of this year. BUT our dishwasher is a total piece of crap and its hard to keep up with dishes when they come out of the dishwasher dirty!! I despise hand washing. Thankfully Kevin is installing a new dishwasher tonight!

    I also got into a funk the beginning of this year and fell off the Fly Lady bandwagon. Thankfully the funk is clearing and I have a lot of "funkiness" to clean up around the house!

    Fly Lady hear I come!