Tuesday, August 30, 2011

From an Earthquake to a Hurricane.... Damn August... Calm down!!

We had quite the visitor this weekend. Irene blew up the coast for a visit Saturday/Sunday and kept moving up to New England. Saturday morning we woke up to breeze beautiful morning. Slowly but surely the sky became gray and the breeze became wind. By afternoon Irene was getting closer.

Connor and I spent the day hanging out in the house and watching way too much TV. I wanted to do some baking so we would be prepared with yummy goodies if the power went out BUT the baking element in our oven burned out and my oven couldn't get warm. Boo..............

Connor and Captain watching TV
It got windier and windier and our power flicked a few times and our DirecTV lost signal a few times but Connor and I were snuggled up watching Care Bears Movie II. Kevin has to keep BGE buildings up and running so he had to report for Storm Duty Saturday morning at 9am. He worked a 12 hour shift before getting home around 10pm. He of course got off work right when the worst of the storm was hitting. I was nervous for his drive home but thankfully he did make it home with no issues. I'm thankful he had the "day shift" of Storm Duty. Saturday night into Sunday morning became very very windy and my nerves were becoming stressed about all the trees around our house. Having Kevin at the house with me while the major part of Irene was passing over us helped me get some sleep.

We woke up Sunday morning to only two large branches had fallen off our trees and didn't cause any damage. We also had a piece of siding that came loose. Other than that there were hunks of branches out in the street and our neighborhood lost a few trees. Kevin left for work again at 7:30am to make sure he could get to work on time. He worked a lovely 14 hour day and didn't get home until after Connor went to bed. I found out quick that our neighborhood was lucking. Many others were dealing with flooded basements, power outages and fallen trees blocking roads.

Branches in our yard
Once Irene moved up the coast, Sunday turned into a beautiful day. Connor and I had breakfast at my father's house because we lost power right as I was getting ready to cook breakfast. Right as we were walking out the door our power came back on! We decided that Pop and Nan's breakfast sounded WAY better than mommy's breakfast. After Connor's nap in the afternoon we were able to go for a walk around the neighborhood because the weather was so welcoming.

 As of right now there are still lots of areas of MD without power and some closed roads. County schools and the Community College are closed due to no power. Since the college has been closed, I've been off work!

Our neighborhood may have escaped damage but Discovery City has seen better days...

Tree down in Tick Neck Park's parking lot
Monday was the perfect day to be off work. No humidity and the temps were in the upper 70's/ low 80's. I kept Connor home from daycare so we could get an extra day together. I packed us up for a trip to the park. I drove us down to Ft. Smallwood Park BUT it was closed. Then I drove us to Lake Waterford Park BUT it was closed. I assumed Downs Park was closed and decided to run some errands instead of the park. On the way home I stopped at Tick Neck Park and IT WAS OPEN!! Of course there was a tree down in the parking lot but other than a soggy ground the playground was open for Connor to play.

Connor happy to be out at park and not stuck in the house.
Down the slide!!!!!!!!!
Kevin got stuck at work again and got home late, but not later than Connor's bedtime. When Kevin told me he was on his way home Connor and I went out to draw with chalk and play with trucks. Connor was so happy to see Kevin pull up when he got home. Connor exploded in a language we couldn't understand but every other word was "daddy". I ended my evening begining Week 3 of C25K and catching up with Kevin after a long weekend of barely seeing each other. AND even though Kevin has worked lots of hours he replaced the element in our oven and it works again!!!

Playing with Chalk and Trucks while waiting for Daddy

I'm off work again today because the College is still working on getting power. Connor is at daycare today and since I've been stuck in the house for the last three days we're caught up on all the cleaning. I've got myself a ME day and I'm truly excited!

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