Monday, August 1, 2011

After Hours... Life after Bedtime

Kevin and I decided to take Connor to the Glen Burnie Carnival this evening because the Glen Burnie Masonic Lodge was sponsoring the Maryland Chip Program for children. If there is an emergency and your child is missing you have all the information you need to help locate your child.

First you fill out all contact information and home address. While Kevin was filling out the paper work Connor walked around and rearranged the chairs. You also weigh and measure your child. Once all the information is filled out you get taken to a person with a computer set up. Connor's bed time was fast approaching and once we got up to the computer part it WAS his bed time.

The first thing they do at the computer is finger print your child. This is not the messy kind of finger printing. They have a gadget that plugs into the computer and scans your finger. WELL.... Connor was not having any of it. He screamed... he cried.... it was past his bedtime damn it and everyone in the building knew it. Next they took his picture via web cam. They took pictures from all angles. Their next step is they record your childs voice. We have Connor screaming and crying recorded. Nice...........

After the compture torture was over, they handed us a disc of the info and the next step was a DNA swab. THAT WAS FUN. NOT!!! Oh man I felt bad for him at this point and kept questioning why we were doing this to him. We could always come back tomorrow before his bedtime. The DNA swab was the final event and we were able to get him out of there.

As soon as we were out of the building he cheered up. We wandered around and bought tickets to get on the Merry Go Round and the Ferris Wheel but Connor started to continue his melt down from earlier. We decided we would come back tomorrow before his bed time so he could enjoy himself. On the way out we stopped at the "Rubber Ducky" booth and Connor won a selection from the "Large" self. We helped him pick out a cute elephant stuffed animal.

As soon as we got home Connor took off running for his bedroom while clutching onto his new toy. We changed into PJs and read Dr. Seuss' ABC's. I tucked him in with his elephant and he was out like a light in less than a minute.

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  1. Don't you love the toddler mood swings? :) Sounds like a good night overall, though - the program sounds like a great idea!