Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Blogging Schedule

I decided after the Ulitimate Blog Challenge I would start blogging every other day. Yesterday was very weird. I was futzing around on the computer BUT didn't blog. I figured it'll help ideas develop and that way I'm just not blogging about the everyday happenings of the Sachs household. That can get pretty boring sometimes... TRUST ME. :)

Everyday happenings of the Sachs household would have
me blogging about Connor helping with laundry day
I'm also thinking of changing the design around too. I'll probably wind up doing this like once a month or every other month. When I was a kid I used to rearrange my bedroom monthly... Changing my blog background and stuff is causing me to have flash backs...

ANYWAY... An awesome blog about my awesome craft/meditation room should be popping up tonight! YAY!

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