Tuesday, August 16, 2011

C25K aka... Getting My Butt In Shape....

After much consideration I decided to join in and do the Couch to 5k program (C25K). I have several friends who have completed it and I have several friends encouraging me to join them and do it.

I've never been one to be into exercising nor do I have any athletic abilities and I've been totally ok with that my whole life. In the third grade I wanted to quit softball because it made me sweat. In high school a close friend tried to talk me into joining track. I laughed my butt off at that one. I did do dance for a little bit in high school but that was short lived. I even tried out and made it into Color Guard my senior year but decided I didn't want to sweat outside during practice. Pretty sad huh?! That's ok.... I was a healthy and ok with not getting sweaty and dirty!

As I got older I used the excuse that I only run unless in danger because I couldn't find a supportive enough sports bra. Well I've recently learned that yes... all that was was an excuse. I'm doing just fine jogging and having no issues with being supported (<---------- can't believe I just put that out there). I guess I always ASSumed that I would have a problem with it.

Last week I decided to "try out jogging". Not sure how one "tries out jogging", but I did. On my lunch break I went to the locker room, changed and then headed out to the track. I would walk for a while then jog for a while then walk again. I guess I wanted to make sure that I wouldn't fall apart or feel like an idiot. After three trips to the track I realized that I don't feel like an idiot, I didn't fall apart and I'm getting a pretty good tan while going out there on my lunch break.

So today marked the beginning of Week 1 and I completed Run 1. I downloaded C25K Lite for my Droid. It tells you when to Warm Up, when to Walk and when to Jog. It felt good. Just when I was getting tired I would hear the marker letting me know it was time to walk and once I caught my breath it was telling me to jog again. AND right when I thought I couldn't do another round of jogging the app was telling me to Cool Down.

I learned two things during Run 1. I need to pack sunscreen. Today was the first time I was out there and it was sunny the whole time AND I need to pack a towel so I can hop in the shower to cool off. Nothing like returning back to work sticky and gross feeling. Hopefully Run 2 and 3 this week go just as smoothly!

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  1. Hmm great idea....i think i might work on the getting weight down so don't kill myself if i try this first....have quite a few friends who have had great success with this program