Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vision Board!

Before I jump into the meat and potatoes of the blog I guess I should explain what a Vision Board is.... To me, a Vision Board is images and words in one place that remind you of what you are trying to achieve for yourself, anything that makes you happy, and what you want to create in your life. You get a bunch of magazines together and just start cutting out pictures and words or anything else that jumps out at you. Then you go through everything that you have cut out and glue them to a poster board. After you're done, you hang it up in a place where you will see it. The Vision Board becomes a reminder of what makes you happy or what you are working towards creating in your life.

This year I've been struggling with finding direction and focus. Last month I read a blog about making a Vision Board and decided that this would be great group project. I emailed some girlfriends to see if they were interested in a "Girls Night In" and creating a Vision Board. We all got excited at the idea and put a date on the calendar. Tuesday was the day and we got together for a fun evening of creativity and bettering ourselves.

I bought poster board and glue sticks for everyone. They just had to bring a magazines, scissors and an open mind. We cut regular sized poster boards in half and then got to cutting up magazines. It was a great time for us to chat about what we are working towards, what we want in life, what we've been worrying about lately and anything else that came to mind.

We were a diverse group. Three of us were momma's to 1.5 yearolds and an almost 2 yearold. Two were pregnant with their first baby and the other not even thinking about having kids yet. Some of us have known each other for most of our lives and others were just meeting for the first time. Its amazing how we all came together like old friends.

Some of us came not knowing how things were going to turn out and others had been wanting to make a Vision Board for a loooooooooong time. The way things unfolded for each of us was amazing as well. Some Vision Boards were all pictures and others, like mine, were mostly words. Of course there was a mix of the in-between as well. Some overlapped their pictures and words and others, like mine, had lots of white space between words and pictures. There was lots of laughter.

Mags, Mags and MORE Mags!!!

Ready to start gluing!

One of us needed to spread out on the floor
to get the "Vision" just right!
 When most of us were finished we had a mini show-and-tell and showed off our creation. During the show-and-tell  I learned things about my friends I thought I should have known. We all learned about each other. To me, what was great about the show-and-tell was we were learning how we could support our each other by knowing each others goals.

My finished Vision Board
I decided to hang my Vision Board in my office at work. I'm its right on my desk and in my face for most of the day/week. Once I get used to it being right in my face I'll move it into the kitchen at home and then find it a new home after I get used to it being in the kitchen. I'm planning another blog to explain my Vision Board in detail.

Before I started with this I struggled with being focused and feeling lost. Now I that I have physically put together a reminder I no longer feel lost and more focused than ever. In an email to someone I recently said, "Becoming a mother has made me lose sight of a few things and I'm trying to get it back". I've realized that I was wrong. Becoming a mother didn't make me lose sight of anything. I just became so filled with a new kind of love that my heart and brain couldn't communicate. I've just had to learn how to balance having a heart full of love and still living life. Here's to moving forward and reaching our goals.


  1. What a great night!

  2. This is amazing. I need to do one! And I loved your previous "Grateful" post, too.

  3. fabulous idea!! i'm not sure what i would put on mine. :) except SLEEP! WINE!! PEACE! CHOCOLATE!!!!

  4. @Lindsey - Yes it was a great night! I can't wait to do it again

    @Tia - Thanks! Its been quite the inner discovery week for me. I highly suggest doing one!

    @Jennifer - I'm surprised I didn't put a glass of wine on my board. I love me some wine... and chocolate... I do have a "fruity beverage" on the board though....