Friday, August 26, 2011

C25k - Week 2

Today I'm getting ready to complete Week 2 of C25K. On my lunch break I'll be doing Run 3!

Run 1 for Week 2 was surprisingly easier than I expected. This week I'm running 90 seconds and walking for 2 minutes in between. BUT Run 2 was difficult. I'm not sure why. Maybe because the two prior runs beforehand I completed in the evening at dusk and in cooler weather, maybe because I threw in an extra exercise in between Run 1 and Run 2, maybe because I didn't drink enough water before hand, or maybe just maybe I wasn't feeling running that day. I did however feel great once the run was complete and I finally cooled down.

My muscles are not nearly as sore as they were when I started this journey and I've noticed that my speed has improved throughout my practicing before and now into Week 2. Kevin has also joined me in the journey and we're sticking to running on the same days but at different times. I love that we're doing this together. We have our alone time to run and then have someone to talk to about it and compare how we're feeling. Right now we both are concerned with the fact that the last week expects us to run for a half hour straight.

During Run 2 when I was struggling on Wednesday I started thinking about Reiki and some of the symbols to help give me a boost and focus my breathing towards the end. It helped BIG TIME! So for Run 3, on my walk to the track this afternoon I'm going to get in touch with that energy before I start running and allow it to help me through the whole run.

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  1. Good for you for doing this! I am not a runner at all but have thought about doing this program. I've walked several 5ks and have done fairly well, but I've never tried running in one.

    Where do you get the program?

  2. Go to and they have all the information you need.

    There are podcasts to use, apps for your iphone/driod and all sorts of things to help you get started.