Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mommy's Space

Apparently I never got to blog last night after stating that I would. OOPS! I had a fabulous evening out with a friend I haven't seen in a long time. Once I got home I was ready to snuggle up with my nook and climb under the covers. So here is yesterday's blog.....

I've been working towards getting my office back to a functioning room for me. Pre-Connor days my office was a space for my holistic health practice. I would teach Reiki workshops and see my clients in it. It was a very nice relaxing space that I could go to as well to get away.

The history of setting up the room is quite funny (now... not then) actually. When we bought our house the room had blue paneling and tan trim and the carpet was pretty gross looking. We didn't have our project list confirmed when we first settled in so I set up my room as decent as I could for my clients. BUT after a while I just didn't like it at all.

Kevin and I decided we would rip off the paneling, spackle the imperfections, sand them down and paint (allllll in one weekend). Easy as pie. So we thought.... The first three walls came off fine for the most part. Some work to be done, some wall paper border and some crazy color choices but not bad.

The last wall kicked our ass.Kevin pulled off the first layer of paneling. We found what we thought was 3 layers of wall paper and MOLD down in a corner. Come to find out it was two layers or wallpaper and a SECOND LAYER OF PANELING. We ripped that off to find some awful drywall work around the sliding glass door and another mini layer of paneling. We had to rip all of the dry wall off that one wall because of the mold. Needless to say it was our first real home improvement project and it showed us the true colors that comes with it.

Once Connor came into the picture, it became our spare room/catch-all room. I've struggled with keeping it from collecting things around the house but it always gets taken over. We have an inflatable queen bed we use when we have visitors and then it gets deflated once the visitor leaves. When my mom and Bill were coming to visit we had stuff that needed to be given to Goodwill or consignment. I worked my hardest at getting the room cleaned out and the closet organized. The room was in top shape for when they visited.

After they left and the bed was deflated, I looked around at my space. The space which we worked so hard at putting together, used to be relaxing, calm, and had great balanced energy.

I used to bead before becoming a momma and have totally slacked and ignored my crafty side. Its hard to pull out all my beads out and supplies needed and get focused all in the time it takes for Connor to take his afternoon nap. I would have to put it all away before he woke up.

Sooooooooooooooooo I decided to set up a table with my projects and beads in my room. Now I have a table with my regularly used beads and supplies ready for me to sit down at any moment and get to work. My comfy chair has been cleared off and I can sit with a book or prop my feet up and meditate if I want. The table with my beading supplies also has room for me to sit and journal or work with my cards when I'm called to do it. Life is pretty damn good back there! Of course I usually only get back there once Connor has gone to bed but its nice to disappear somewhere that I'm not looking around saying...."OMG there is a lot of cleaning to do".

My Crafting/Meditation Space!

My crafting and journaling table
with my comfy chair in the corner

When I was orginally painting I painted OM on the wall
The wall looked very blank... on a whim I painted the OM
My space became complete afterwards.

This side of the room is still a work in progress :)


  1. Ohhh that is pretty!!! I USED to have a meditation room. It is now the bedroom of my son. Everyone should have a little place to call their very own. Great idea to add the OM, It suits the place well.
    tx for sharing!!

    -President ;)

  2. I love it! The OM looks fabulous on the wall.
    My beads are still on the kitchen table... and Sophie found them last night. Seed beads, to be precise. I just heard the crash of hundreds of tiny glass beads hitting the kitchen floor. Our extra room became her room, so my creativeness is homeless now!