Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Starting Over...C25K

I didn't want to start all over again... but I'm coming to terms that I'm going to have to start C25K over again. I wonder how many people complete it and then go on a running break and then have to start all over again? I know I'm not the only one.... the vacation, being sick and holidays just totally did me in. Sigh....

I tried running last week. I programmed my app for a 5min warm up walk, 20 minute run and then a 5 minute cool down walk. I got tired quick but pushed my way through. Around 15 minutes into my run I started loose my breath. Usually I would have slowed my pace a little and let my lungs catch up. This time, I decided to take it as my sign to end early and start the cool down walk. I'm glad I did. I was so sore for days afterward. I was also horrendously sick that evening. I don't know it it was dinner, running for the first time in a month and a half or dehydration or maybe all three but I felt like death.

Kevin also went off track with his running this past month as well. Before he went for his run on Monday he mentioned he was on Week 1. We talked about him starting over again and I started thinking about it.

Before my lunch break today, I started eyeing up the C25K website again. I thought would start at Week 3 or Week 4.... but no... I'm starting from the beginning. Week 1. I can focus on distance and speed this time. Well.... I grabbed my gym bag and went to head to the locker room when I realized I left my headphones at home. Damn. I totally made my very last excuse for not running, grabbed my Nook and enjoyed eating my lunch in one of the study rooms at the college. I'll start tomorrow! So here's to starting over and Week 1!

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