Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Gross Side of Toys

Toys gross? Yes... yes... yes... I'm not talking about the germ gathering factor... I'm talking about the gross looking factor. This will be a poopy blog post.... beware!

April 2011 I found a play kitchen for Connor on craigslist. I got a really great Step2 kitchen and 2 HUGE tubs of play food for $80 or $100 (Mommy brain just can't remember anymore)... Either way, it was a GREAT deal. I brought it home, Connor LOVED it and I went through the play food. I sorted the food into keep, give away and throw out.... then I promptly disinfected the keep and give away pile.

Lately (almost a year later), Connor has really been into playing with the fake food. He wants me to sit at the table and then brings me food to eat. Super cute, I know. BUT now I'm actually looking at this food and some of it just grosses me out. See pictures below.

Burgers... they all look like something I've seen or will see in Connor's diaper

Baked bean... I KNOW I've seen something like this in Connor's diaper

A topping of some sort... looks like throw up.....

The meat on this taco just looks gross....

A chocolate chip cookie that looks like there are large bugs on it...

A pile of peas.... goes with the diaper trend

Nothing like a poopy looking T-Bone Steak!
Nothing like pretending to chow down on some fake food that makes you want to gag! Do you have any toys around your house that do the same thing?!


  1. Found your blog on Bloggy Moms :)

    My kid are now 5 & 4 so most of the fake food is gone from our household. The Melissa and Doug wooden toys looked a little more real than all the plastic stuff we had so it's the only stuff I kept.

    Now my least favourite toys are crafts like moon sand. That suff gets everywhere!


  2. Thanks for stopping by! We have the Melissa and Doug Pizza now and I've been thinking about getting rid of the gross looking plastic pizza pieces. :)

    I hear you on the moon sand. I'm a glitter phobe myself. Oh the joys of play!

  3. That's hilarious! I never paid much attention to this before! My little guy doesn't have a kitchen because we have a fairly small house, but I would love for him to have one and I think he'd love it!

    I don't think we have any toys that gross me out- just annoy me like crazy! Everything has batteries....