Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Slacker Mom.... dun dun dunnnnn

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In the last month I can tell you have Connor has watched more TV than usual and hasn't done as many crafts at home. Being sick and exhausted makes a mommy want to snuggle and veg out when when she comes home from work! Yes we painted picture frames for Christmas and did some coloring but I totally dropped off the Pinterest map for pretty much the whole month of December! I logged in for the first time in several weeks yesterday and I'm getting excited about the winter / indoor learning crafts I pinned this past fall.

I also, decided to get strict with meal planning in hopes of lowering our grocery budget and looking through my crock pot and dinner pins I'm EVEN more excited... .and hungry! Last night I cooked ground turkey to throw in the crock pot this morning and we now have chili simmering and waiting for us tonight. YUM! I totally can't wait to dig in.

With all the "vegging" we must have been doing SOMETHING right because this morning Connor counted to 5 all by himself. I was helping him put his shirt on and doing the usual, "One Arm.... Two Arms..." and then he said, "One, Two, Free, Four, Ive!" LOVE HIM!! Moving from singing the ABC's over and over and over again to now counting. See a little extra TV never hurt anyone! Slacker mommy guilt cleared!

I was messaging with a girlfriend of mine and I mentioned that I had totally slacked off with the extra educational fun crafty stuff the month of December and she agreed that she had too.... BUT really when you think about it.... mommies don't slack off ever.... we just adjust the way we parent to make ourselves the best mommies we can be!

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