Thursday, January 5, 2012

Whatever Happened to....Running!?

Yep! I totally slacked on running since vacation in November. After vacation I got one really good run in and poof! I got sick. When I started feeling better during my winter break I thought about running while Connor was in daycare BUT then decided I should rest just a little longer. Now it's the new year and I'm ready to get rolling again.

I know I'll need to "bounce" back but I'm excited to do so. Running has been the only athletic thing I've done in my life that I've actually enjoyed.I have still yet to run an actual formal 5K and there is one in May that I am eyeing up.

My mom and step father bought me some winter running clothes for Christmas and my dad and step mother bought me a gift card to Under Armour where I bought myself two more running tops. I'm supplied to stay warm and now its time to get out there.... soon.... Stay posted!

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