Friday, January 27, 2012

Running Forward!

I've finally been able to get some running in! On Tuesday the weather was beautiful and I got a great run in as planned. These runs are nice because there is more walking than running! I take time to breath in the nice weather around me during the walking portion of the runs.

I was supposed to run yesterday but it was cold and supposed to rain. It just stayed dreary all day and I didn't pack my running stuff. I curled up with Book 4 and dove into Teddy's childhood during my lunch break. I wasn't too concerned about not running because I knew today was coming....

Today was in the UPPER 50's and once the storm clouds from the morning rolled out it made for perfect running weather. Maryland winter weather this year is really out of whack. One morning we wake up to ice on the ground then a few days later we're hearing thunderstorms on the way into work!

The sky was soooo beautiful at the track this afternoon that I took pictures during my walk intervals as the clouds rolled out. Enjoy!

Found a large puddle to avoid this afternoon.....

The blue skies were trying to peek through for me

Sloooowly and surely.....

Those gray skies were rolling to the other side of campus and out to route 50!


  1. Fascinating clouds. Good for you getting out there to run. I'd have been more likely to opt for the couch... :(

  2. Oh I love my couch... its my awesome new running clothes that get me out there these days :)