Thursday, February 2, 2012

Introducing Infinite Wisdom!

Over the last several months I've been working on helping create a blog for my mom, Dawn Fleming. The blog is Infinite Wisdom. Her goal for the blog is to talk about living consciously and creating a life that exudes joy, love, confidence, wholeness, abundance, and success. She wants to have conversations that help us to lift humanity into new realms of living and being that honors our diversity and is centered in love. 

Dawn Fleming has been working in the field of holistic health since 1989 providing quality services that assist her clients to get unstuck, heal, find their Truth, and step into the fullness of the Light that they are. She is a catalyst for positive change and inspires and empowers clients to express and be their Best. Dawn is a medical intuitive Reiki Master, certified Life Coach, Teacher, Speaker,  Freelance Writer, and Author of Creating a Successful Holistic Health Practice, Navigating the Continuing Education Approval Process, Teaching Workshops Effectively, and Perspectives on Ascension: Sustenance for Humanity’s Journey Home. Dawn works with clients in person, over the phone, Skype and provides distance Reiki sessions. Read more about her here.

I highly recommend following this blog. Not just because she's my mom (well maybe a little) but because she is an awesome writer with a lot to say and will bring a positive outlook to your life with each post. Its not too late to keep our New Year's resolution in check by keeping ourselves inspired and free. Here is an excerpt of the first blog! 


This is my motto for this year. Our attitudes, thoughts, and emotions fuel our success or down fall. Even though the outer world may appear to be scary with all the changes that are occurring, a lot of the changes are for the better.
We can go kicking or screaming resisting our destiny. Or we can release our resistance to what is and walk through any situation with courage, faith, and a deeper knowing that we do not see all the forces of good that are working for us.


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  2. I think it's really cool you are helping your mom get started in the blogging world! New follower from the hop. Feel free to follow back at :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I'll have to check out all the sites posted!