Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pasta Strainer Fun!

Last night I pulled out the pasta strainer, pipe cleaners and beads to have some motor skills fun with Connor. I had pinned the idea on Pinterest MONTHS ago and thought "what the heck" last night when we were getting bored with cars and blocks.

From the moment Connor saw the pasta strainer he called it a hat (an actually tried talking me into wearing it into work this morning). His eyes lit up bigger when I pulled out the pipe cleaners. I showed him what to do and he did well. He wouldn't bend it over and do the other side BUT he'll get there. Once I saw the pipe cleaners sticking out the top I ran got the left over beads that daycare sent home from a project he was working on. I showed him the idea of putting them on the pipe cleaners and he went to town before getting distracted by Nick Jr.

Workin it

What?! Nick Jr is on?!?!!

"Its mah hat mommy!"


  1. So glad you provided him the kid friendly version of the strainer; I was worried it would be the metal mesh ones...
    And, I love the peek-a-boo!

  2. Cute!!! And what a great idea! We're going to have to try that!