Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Lucky Charm Count Down

St. Patrick's Day is on its way. I decided it would be fun to do a count down with Connor this year. The idea came to me when I found directions to make "Dinosaur Rocks". Its a recipe using used coffee grounds, flour, salt and sand mixed with water. It turns into a paste and then you wrap it around a toy dinosaur or other toy. It can dry out on its own or you can bake it at a low tempature to dry it out.

When I saw this idea I immdiately thought of a lucky rock that holds gold coins..... The idea grew and grew..... here's how it went down....

Making the lucky rocks....

Kevin thought I was crazy when I started keeping our used coffee grounds and drying them out. When I finally had enough used coffee grounds I started the Lucky Rocks.

Mixed the dry ingredients together

I dyed the water green and used green sand to make it St. Patricks day themed....

Plastic gold coins and shamrocks as prizes

Mixed it alllllllllllllllllllllll together... gross....

Wrapped it around the trinkets..... read for the oven because I'm too impatient to let it dry out.

All done!!
Tonight I put together the whole package with the first craft! I laminated everything so I can reuse it next year! Each day our little guy Patty will leave another bag with another craft to do. There will also be a Lucky Rock to smash open.

Ready for tomorrow mornings count down!

Enjoy! Any St. Patty's day traditions you do around the house?


  1. Your blog is so great! I love how positive and fun it is, especially the "Sentences" post below. These rocks are so cool - it will be so much fun for him to bust into those and get his toys. I love it! Can't wait to read your future posts :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'll be visiting you're blog in the future too!

  2. Gonna make a whole bunch of kids and their moms and dads green with envy!!!

  3. Newest follower from Bloggy Moms :)
    This is a very cute craft for St. Patrick's Day! I need to think of traditions or fun celebrations to start this year...

    1. My first year with Connor we didn't do too much in regards to traditions because we were just trying to get by being parents! This will be Connor's third St. Patricks day and I always feel like it sneeks up on us and then is gone. Sooooo hopefully this year it won't! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. The coolest thing ever!! I'm so saving this to do when Aidan gets bigger. I'm a new follower from Bloggy Moms March Hop! Have a great weekend.