Friday, February 10, 2012


I've been trying to put together this post all week. I've been feeling uninspired  blogging wise and while this post is very inspirational I didn't know how to put it into words so my thoughts for blogging got a little backed up..... Enjoy!

Kevin has reach two milestones in the last month. Two milestones that are pretty huge and something to be very proud of.

On January 25th, Kevin bowled his first 299 game and was only 30ish pins shy of an 800 set. HOW AWESOME! Kevin has been bowling pretty much since forever and for him to reach this was totally awesome. Of course he went through the whole, "If only I didn't rush myself on the last ball it could have been a 300." BUT that worry soon went out the window because a bigger event was about to happen....

When I re-met Kevin and we started dating he was an electrician's apprentice. Two years later we were engaged and moving into together while he wrapped up his apprenticeship. The moment he wrapped up his apprenticeship he immediately started talking about becoming a Master Electrician. Of course you have to have some time under your belt before you can even think about sitting for the exam but he got the software needed to prep him when the time came.

Over the last 5 years Kevin has off and on began to prep for the Master exam. We always talked about him taking the exam prep class at the community college but we never budgeted it into our expenses. When I started working at the community college, I found out that my spouse can take any class for free (you just have to pay the fees involved). Kevin was able to take the class for $5!!!! We knew now was the time to push forward and start the process of studying and applying.

Kevin took the class this fall and has been studying almost every evening during the week and some weekend afternoons. He did the research to figure out how to apply for the exam and then got accepted to take it last month. Last week (the week before he was scheduled to take the exam) he found out that they test you on the 2011 code NOT the 2008 code he had been studying since this fall. A little panic and some extra studying was done last week and he finally headed out the door last Saturday to take the exam.

Saturday afternoon he returned home calm and with lunch in hand saying he had passed!!! I was so stinking proud of him!! Very few pass the Master Exam on the first try. My husband is a Master Electrician! Woot woot!!!!!


  1. Congratulations! Hard work always pays off and i think the last minute crams are really the ones that help! just wanted to stop by and let you know i started following you! i fount your blog on no time for tea parties!

  2. Thank you for stopping by! I will be sure to check out your blog!! And I do agree... hard work pays off big time. My husband sure is a hard worker!

  3. Congratulations to your husband!