Monday, February 13, 2012

The Winter Wonderland Getaway

Kevin and I had ourselves a getaway this weekend with friends. It was a cold snowy getaway but that is just how Kevin likes them! I love to getaway on a beach and relax with my toes in the sand. Kevin likes to getaway and relax with his toes strapped to a snowboard.

I guess the good things about these differences is.... I don't mind resting by a roaring fire and watching the snow come down outside and Kevin doesn't mind enjoying a fruity beverage while reading on the beach under an umbrella.

Kevin headed up to The Woodlands in WV on Thursday morning with our dog captain. I stayed behind to pack our toddler and ALLLLLLLLLLLL his things to go spend the weekend with his Pop and Nan. Its amazing how much stuff I still had to send for him even with him being a toddler instead of an infant.

The plan for the weekend was to ride up with my friend and her boyfriend and meet Kevin up at the cabin. Them, along with other friends, would go skiing and snowboarding while I relaxed and enjoyed the quiet on Saturday. We would then pack ourselves up and head home on Sunday.

We didn't get to The Woodlands until just before or after 11pm. The snow was coming down harder and thicker as we ventured further and further through Western MD into WV. We had to make a few stops along the way for tortilla shells (I left the original I bought in my car!) and much needed beer and wine.

We arrived and unpacked then enjoyed movies, a fire in the fireplace and good conversation. I found that it was 2am I and was still awake, enjoying a beverage and not worried about having to get up and when our son was waking up.

Saturday morning fast approached and we had ourselves a VERY yummy breakfast brought to us by Pinterest. My friend prepped very delicious oatmeal in the crock pot and I made a breakfast casserole when I woke up. It was a great hearty breakfast to get our skiing friends off to a great start.

The skiers packed up and rolled out to Seven Springs, PA for some snowboarding and skiing. Other friends packed up and headed out for some errand running and hopes of cross country skiing. Me... what did I do you ask? Well I started off with a nap and movie watching, then I woke up ate lunch, baked a double batch of brownies while enjoying another movie, took the dogs for a walk in the snow, read, watched the snow fall, watched another movie while prepping dinner and then made dinner when I heard the skiers were on their way back home. It was perfect. Quiet. Relaxing. Perfect.

The endless driveway....

Walking the dogs in lots of snow!

Almost back to the cabin!
"Baby it's cold outside...."
I must say... we ate well that night. For dinner I made Creamy Chicken Enchiladas with Taco flavored rice. YUMMY! And for dessert of course... we had brownies.

Our yummy dinner!

Bedtime came a lot sooner than it did the night before. Kevin was tired from snowboarding the previous 3 days in a row and well... I was tired from relaxing.

It was really nice to get away but also nice to come home to our super cute toddler! We got so much snow over the weekend at The Woodlands but coming home there was no snow to be found! I've gotten my snow fix in a very wonderful way!

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