Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Reached Running Goal #2

My first run after completing the C25K program (Goal #1) completed Goal #2... Running a full 3.1 miles. My original goal was to run 2.75 miles because that would push me several minutes beyond the last run (30 minutes). Once I started running I thought, "Hell... what's another lap and a few extra steps." I decided I was going to keep running until I hit my goal.

From one goal to the next!
Half way through my run it started to drizzle (I do not recall the weatherman calling for rain today) then when I had 3 (or so) laps to go it started to actually rain. UGH. I didn't want to get soaked because I had to go back to work BUT I didn't want to give up. I was getting tired at 2.75 miles but I kept pushing myself and my legs. This was all mental, the physical was an afterthought.

The two other runners on the track left after the rain picked up and I kept going alone. I hit 3 miles and wanted to jump for joy but who knew that last .10 of a mile would be the longest I've ever had to run! I think my main problem was I kept looking at my app after I reached 2.75 miles so it felt like it was taking me twice as long (I won't be doing that again!).

I reached 3.1 miles at 3 months after starting this running journey and in 35.09 minutes. I gave my usual "YES!" out loud and threw my arms up. Goal #2 has been completed. Goal #3 is running an organized 5k. I guess I should start checking into those now! In the mean time I'm going to keep on going and start working on my pace and getting faster.

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