Monday, October 3, 2011

Rocky Gap Camping Part 3

Very early Tuesday morning I woke up to the sound of thunder. By the time we were all officially awake and ready to start the day it was raining. Booooo.... We were hoping it would hold out another day but we were destined to hang out in the cabin for a while. Kevin cooked breakfast under cover on the front porch. We had very yummy pancakes and scrapple. Mmmmmmm!

After breakfast the rain was starting to let up so Kevin took a trip on his mountain bike around the Lakeside Loop. I took Connor to the family/handicapped bathroom to give him a much needed shower. The family bathroom was awesome. It was one huge bathroom with a huge shower and it allowed for a lot of space to deal with showering a toddler.

After Connor's shower we had to wait a little while longer for Kevin to return. When he did he showered and Connor slowly but surely started to get stir crazy in the small cabin. When Kevin and I were packing he insisted we take my laptop and some movies with us "just in case". I swore up and down we wouldn't need them. "We would be camping." "We didn't take laptops and movies with us when I went camping as a kid." ........ Well...... I busted it out and played two episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It chilled him out long enough for Kevin to finish up and us to leave on an adventure for a little while.

Waiting for breakfast to get done.

Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse... I felt like a total camping failure setting it up.
The first stop on our adventure was the Aviary down by the lodge. The Aviary had rescued birds that could no longer fend for themselves, were domesticated or could no longer fly. We figured we should check it out first before the rain returned. We saw Black Voluters, several types of owls, an American Bald Eagle and two BEAUTIFUL Red Tailed Hawks. Connor enjoyed the birds and enjoyed running around even more. Kevin was in awe of the Eagle. We actually went back to see it a second time before we left. The Eagle had been hit by a car and could no longer fly. He was big and inspiring. My favorites were the Red Tailed Hawks.

Hard to see him but that's the American Bald Eagle

My two favorites... the two Red Tailed Hawks

We took a moment for some family photos

Too cute
After the Aviary we ventured to the Country Club Mall in Cumberland, MD. We wanted Connor to be able to walk around and burn off some energy since our campsite was full of puddles. We ate some lunch and Connor got to ride on one of the little rides. BUT he had a melt down when it was over.... nap time was upon us. He fell asleep on the ride back.

Cute as can be. Makes me sad he went from so happy to so upset. :*(
Connor continued to nap once we got back to the cabin and I did some reading for my college class and Kevin got started on the afternoon fire. After Connor woke up Kevin decided to go back out for another mountain bike adventure. Connor and I were playing with trucks and dancing around. As I was taking his picture being silly on a tree stump I felt a rain drop. Before I had a chance to figure out if it was from a tree or the sky... the sky opened up and poured. I lifted Connor down off the stump and told him, "QUICK! RUN! To the cabin!" That little boy listened and off he went! I ran around the site picking up the chairs and other camping stuff and moved it to the porch.

Kevin and I realized that once we started hearing thunder in the area we had about 45min before it hit. Poor Kevin was stuck mountain biking in the torrential down pour. He said at one point he couldn't see the trail because of the rivers they had turned into, couldn't see because the rain was in his eyes and thought he might have busted his tire twice on his way back. There wasn't a dry spot on him when he finally returned.

Singing a song a little tooooo close to the edge of that stump.....

Our site was flooding!

The fire went out......

A river formed from the site next to us down the driveway and under the trailblazer

Once Kevin returned he ran for the bath house for a shower and I reheated the leftover chili. We ate on the front porch watching the rain come down... still.... Once Connor was in bed the rain let up and Kevin was able to start another fire.WHEW! We sat and enjoyed the it while listening to the thunder and watching the lightening in the distance. We knew our time was limited. Little drops became bigger drops and it was raining AGAIN. We moved to the porch and watched it for a little while before going to bed.

Tuesday night we had moved the coolers into the Trailblazer like we had every night previously to make sure animals would leave our stuff alone. We also would put the trash bags into the Trailblazer or run it up to the dumpster. BUT Tuesday night.... we left the trash bag on the porch. It was raining... we felt lazy... whatever....

Well...................... Good news is Connor stayed in bed all night. Bad news is we had a visitor. I woke up to the sound of a cup falling and the rustling of the trash bag. Since I was coming out of a deep sleep (how I got into that deep sleep I shall never know), I was moving slow and freaked out all at the same time. I woke up Kevin we shined the flash light and Kevin said I was hearing things.

A little while later... not sure how long later.... I hear rustling AGAIN. This time I jumped out of bed and shined the flashlight through the screen door. NOTHING! Kevin determined I was loosing my mind.

Another little while later I was back into a deep sleep BUT Kevin was awake and listening to find out if I was crazy or not. THEN he heard it and scared the CRAP out of me. He sat up super fast and shined the light at the door. I didn't even know he was sleeping with the flashlight! He said he did see something small and black. We cautiously ventured out to the porch and Kevin put the bag into the Trailblazer so we could get some sleep in peace....

Wednesday morning was mine and Kevin's 4 year wedding anniversary. We were up and packing to go early. We had ourselves one last breakfast and Kevin loaded the car up in the rain. We waved good bye and started our venture home. Connor fell asleep again and it was a long quiet ride home.

We arrived home exhausted but enjoyed the trip. Unpacking is the absolute worst BUT totally worth it. This is definitely a trip worth remembering!

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