Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rocky Gap Camping Part 1

On Sunday afternoon we left for our first family camping trip at Rocky Gap State Park. We had a blast! We had good and bad weather, ate fabulously cooked camping food, played on great playgrounds, visited a beautiful aviary, saw beautiful scenery, the bathrooms were surprisingly NICE and we had ourselves a cute little cabin to sleep in and hang out in when the rain fell. Lets start from the beginning!

Sunday morning we woke up and decided it would be a great day to order breakfast and have it delivered so we could get to loading up the car. The diner near our house started delivering breakfast last year and it was like mine and Kevin's prayers were answered when we found out. Well........... I called and found out they no longer delivered. My heart broke, I cried deep down inside and then placed the order for pick up. Sigh....

After a huge breakfast it was time to try and load EVERYTHING into the trailblazer. The thing about camping with a toddler or in a place that your unfamiliar with the area is you want to be prepared for you pack everything.

Kevin spent an hour to an hour and half loading our coolers, clothing, blankets, camping gear, toys, food, bikes, bike trailer and other random "must haves" into the Trailblazer. Needless to say it was PACKED. We had room for Kevin, Connor and me....

I didn't take us nearly as long to get to Rocky Gap as I had anticipated AND Connor napped most of the way there. Woot!

Napping on route 70!
We checked in and found our campsite. It was a nice cozy one room cottage that had a shelf for your stuff, a bunk bed and a double bed. We set up camp and began to prep dinner and the evening fire. Once I got the turkey burger patties together for Kevin to cook, I went from my last run on Week 6 for C25K. The run was rough!! It was a 25min run and at Rocky Gap you're dealing with hills. HILLS HILLS and MORE HILLS!!! When we were driving around I was trying to locate the area with the most down hills. The problem about hills is there are two sides. So if you're running down one side you have to run up the other! I'll get into this run and the beginning of Week 7 in another blog...

Home Sweet Home!

Connor's bed.... YES those are Little Mermaid sheets....
YES they are from when I was a kid some how they've hung around...
They were the ONLY twin sheets in the house!
Please note the pillows propping up the mattress to help keep him from falling out!
Our tiny... very hard... very damp bed.
After my run we had a yummy dinner of turkey burgers and hot dogs. Connor continued to explore his area and next thing you know... it was his bedtime. We were nervous about bed time because he would be sleeping in on the bottom bunk and he usually sleeps in a crib. We took the mattress from the top bunk and put it on the floor next to him.

Surprisingly Connor went right to sleep after we read a book. Kevin and I enjoyed the fire and made s'mores. After s'mores we pulled out the flashlights and read our books by the fire. VERY relaxing and MUCH needed.

We decided to call it a night early after a while and crawled into our tiny very hard double bed. Sleep didn't come easy. There was little air flow even though we had the windows open and the used the screen door. PLUS because its rained and rained and rained this month it felt damp. At least it was hot and humid!! Once we finally fell asleep we woke up to a BAM... actually it was more like a PLUNK then BAM. Connor had rolled off the bed, hit the mattress on the floor and continued onto the hard floor. I JUMPED out of my skin and bed then scooped him up. He started to whine but when I laid him back down on the bed he fell right back to sleep.... silly boy!

Monday was met with lots to do and I'll continue it in a separate blog tomorrow. See you next post!!!

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