Saturday, October 15, 2011

Make a Wish Come True

When I became pregnant with Connor I started visiting a popular website that gave valuable information to expectant and in-the-midst-of-parenting mothers. The website also had a community feature that allowed you to join groups and talk with other mothers (and fathers) about questions, opinions and general day-to-day stuff. You can join your "birthboard" and communicate with others who are due/have children in the same month and year you are. I mainly read and never posted leading up to Connor's birth. After he was born my "birthboard" changed to January 2010. In this birthboard I started posting and I created many relationships and friendships with other mothers.

I know you're probably thinking... "But their just people in the computer that you've never met". Maybe to you... but to me... These are women I "talk" to on a daily basis. I've discussed many many many different topics with them, took in joy when our babies reached different milestones, and have even grieved when some on our board suffered a loss or difficult times. We've created friendship amongst ourselves and support each other even though most of us have never met. We've created our own version of friendship.

That being said, one of the families on our board has hit hard times. At 3 years-old their son Ethan developed a rare form of epilepsy. It was a long journey full of hospitalizations, seziuers and many tests. Now, a year later, he's been diagnosed with Doose Syndrome. According to their family blog  Ethan has "an estimated 20-30 myoclonic/atonic/absence/a-typical absence seizures every day, and a tonic clonic every 1-3 weeks". He's been showing small signs of improvement since starting the ketogenic diet. Learn more about this little boy and everything their family has done from their blog.

His small signs of improvement is has been uplifting but his this improvement has caused him to be unable to "qualify" for the Make A Wish Foundation. Prior to this improvement his one wish is to visit the beach. The family lives in Colorado and wants to put their son's toes in the sand.

I'm writing this blog post tonight to help get Ethan to the beach. I'm trying to get word out about this little boy so his one wish can come true. Please share this post with as many people as you can and if possible please donate any amount. A website has been created to collect donations for the family and can be found here.

One of my friends is need. I'm doing all I can help. Thank you.


  1. God bless you! I will definitely share and will post a link to the site on my blog! I wish I had something to give but can't right now, will do so as soon as I can spare it.

  2. Just sharing the info is enough!! Thank you so much!