Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rocky Gap Camping Part 2

Monday morning we woke up to a very happy Connor. I was surprised to find him lying in bed awake waiting for us to wake up! NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! I could have swore I was going to wake up with a cute little face staring at me.

Once we were up and dressed (Connor wanted to run right outside in his PJs and socks), we started getting breakfast together. I planned big breakfasts for each morning. Nothing like waking up to a big breakfast while camping. I prepped the table and Kevin started the cooking. Connor wandered around the site again. He settled into the tent we set up to read some books while we were cooking.

Reading in the tent

Mmmmmmmm breakfast.... French Toast, Sausage and Eggs.
After breakfast and a quick shower (WHICH I was surprised to find that their showers were re-done and AHHHHH-MAZING), we ventured to the lodge to check out the trails, playground and lake. The playground was fun. Connor was the only one there to play on it. The gnats were AWFUL but I guess that is what you get when it rains almost every single day for a month...... After a while of playing Kevin and I noticed there were wasps hanging around one of the slides so we went for a walk towards the lake.

Fog trying to burn off and let the sunshine through.
My sliding fool

Connor and Kevin walking towards the lake

We made a few local stops on the way back to the campsite and Connor fell asleep a whole hour and a half early for his afternoon nap. All the outside playing just wore him out! We got back to the cabin and he stayed asleep as I tucked him into the bunk.

He woke up a little earlier than he should have but was in a good mood. We played with trucks, chalk and collected nature items to be crafty with while Kevin went for his C25K run.

Chalk and Trucks

Our leaf collage

I realized I hadn't taken a pic of me and Connor yet.... so we did a self portrait.
He looks THRILLED doesn't he?
Before dinner Connor was feeling a little restless (since he took his nap so freakin early), so we ventured to the other playground that was right next to our campsite. This also had the nature center and camp store (both were closed.... booooo), the beach, boat ramp and trail that goes around the lake. We played for a while and wandered around until it was time to get ready to prep dinner.

This was actually a pretty fun set up for Connor.

A little too chilly for the beach!

More scenery

Kevin and I teamed up to make some AWESOME chili for dinner. We had chili, mac n cheese (Kevin likes to mix the two together) AND I wrapped up some rosemary bread in foil and put it on the grill by the fire to warm. We rocked our socks off while we enjoyed all the yumminess that dinner gave us.

Connor started to melt down early that night. He was really worn out and his nap timing was off. We did one last walk around our camp loop to try and distract him but he wound up being carried towards the end. He bedtime is usually 8/8:30.... he was in bed by 7:30....

Kevin and I enjoyed another night by the fire eating s'mores and reading our books. We ventured back to that uncomfortable bed and some how fell to sleep. Of course we woke up to the PLOP of Connor falling out of the bed onto the mattress again..... at least he didn't hit the hard floor. This time he didn't even stir. I probably could have left him there but I scooped him up and put him back into bed.

My next post will wrap up our adventure for Tuesday and the ride home Wednesday!


  1. Nothing like lots of exercise and outside air to wear them out.....I used to find that 730 was the time my kids went to bed (for quite some years) as they spent so much time being active and outside....I just helped them to adjust their sleeping patterns and all was good

  2. Oh Connor is just adorable...esp the pic of him sitting in the tent.

  3. Thank you Janine! Did you see all those gray skies in the distance?! :)