Monday, October 24, 2011

October Book Club

Last Thursday I met up with my "Read This, Bitch - Book Club" to discuss When You Are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedairs.

I had bought this book about this time last year and started reading but wasn't too dedicated or engrossed in it due to my trip to AZ to visit my mom and then my trip with Kevin to Bermuda. Right after the Bermuda trip I got a Nook for Christmas and poof!.... I forgot the book even existed.

Sooo this month I saw that we were going to read the book I thought, "Cool.... I'm almost done the book. It won't take me long to read at all."

I started in where I left off and finished. Then I started skimming through the beginning of the book and saw that some of the stories I didn't even remember! Soooooo it was back to rereading the book for me! I would start reading the first few pages of the chapter and if I didn't have a clue or recognize the story I kept reading.

Overall I enjoyed the stories. They made me giggle at some points and laugh out loud at others. Some of the stories I couldn't get into. My favorite story was "April In Paris". For me I despise spiders with a passion but we have a spider that builds a web every year on the outside of our sliding glass door. We leave him there all autumn and he gets bigger and bigger and fatter and fatter. Then... one day... he's gone! Reading his short story brought back memories of sizing him up last year. This year we had a spider visit the spot but he didn't stay long. Boo....

November's book is Chill Factor. Are you reading any good books right now?

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