Sunday, October 30, 2011

Eating Pasta and Howling at the Moon

Saturday night was date night for Kevin and I. Connor spent the night at my father's house and we had a night out on the town. We haven't had a night out on the town since our cruise last year. It was very refreshing!

Yesterday was SUPER cold. VERY VERY VERY cold. Between the icing and little bit of snow we got mixed in with the rain it felt like December. We shivered every where we walked.

After we dropped Connor off at Pop's house, Kevin and I ventured up to Baltimore for dinner at Chiapparelli's in Little Italy. Chiapparelli's is my favorite restaurant and I haven't been there in YEARS. We tried right before Connor was born for my birthday but it snowed and we couldn't leave the neighborhood.

Kevin and I had an awesome meal. I had a glass of wine with it and he had a Boston Lager. I ended the meal with a yummy dessert... CANOLI!!! LOVE ME some canolis! :)

Afterward we headed to Howl at the Moon in Power Plant. We were originally going to go but then remembered it was the weekend before Halloween and decided not to go. BUT dinner went so fast that the movies we wanted to see were still an hour and a half away. Soooooooo we decided to just get over ourselves and go to Howl at the Moon.

Howl at the Moon is a piano bar. Its not just a piano bar... its a dueling piano bar. They sing covers, have fun with the crowd and take requests. They of course were having a Halloween celebration and it felt like Kevin and I were the only ones NOT dressed up.... We did however enjoy some adult beverages and adult conversations. It was really great getting away just the two of us.

We scored a spot next to the big window that faces Power Plant's main area and we watched people arriving in their interesting costumes. We saw Pac Man and his ghostly friends, some Angry Birds, the Seame Street gang, lots of slutty anything and everything, super heros, doctors, and our FAVORITE was a guy dressed up as the Captain that fought off the octopus from the Old Spice commercial. VERY ORIGINAL.
In case you can't remember...

After we had a few beverages and the bar started to get over crowded and the people were becoming annoyingly drunk, Kevin and I headed home to an empty home and enjoyed sleeping the whole night through!

We both agreed that last night was a much needed escape from our every day stresses and normal events! I'm now looking forward to our adult vacation coming up in mid-November!

Kevin with his very large adult beverage

Me with my very small adult beverage


Sooooo.... how was your weekend? Did you get stuck in the snow? Have beautiful weather?

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  1. Yeah! Glad you guys had a good night out. I totally missed the snow. I believe it makes for better parents!!

    John and I slept the entire day away yesterday!!