Monday, October 31, 2011

The Biggest Question During Shower Time...
The cool air is starting to surround us and many women around the area are starting to following the shaving legs flow chart during their morning shower routine.

This is just a silly little flowchart / picture that made me giggle. Lord knows I'm contemplating these very thoughts if I'm running late in the morning or just don't feel like it!

It orginially stood out to me because I'm currently covering flow charts and logical analysis in my Object Oriented Programming class. I thought to myself... There needs to be an app that tells you if you should shave your legs in the morning! Just plug the answers into your phone / tablet and BOOM... you know the shower routine for the morning.

Could you imagine.... waking up every morning... plugging in the variables for the day and then the app spits out your agenda for the whole entire day?! Soon we won't even have to think for ourselves. Scary huh?

Just some scary thoughts for a scary day! Happy Halloween!